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How do you survive and thrive in the future? How do you meet change head-on, get to the eye of the storm, and position yourself and your organization for greater success?

Linda Nash has shared her proven processes and in-the-trenches experience with groups nationwide. Her unique perspective and practical techniques have been a life changing catalyst to help thousands of people;

  • develop a mindset of resilience and bounce backability
  • ignite innovation
  • reduce pointless stress
  • increase productivity
  • rekindle the flame of passion for work and life
  • feel better, live better, do better!

Managing the Challenges of Your Career, Your Life, and Your Business
A free monthly newsletter based on the books, tools, and workshops of Linda Nash, MBA. Past copies are archived on our web site.  Click to read the most recent copy.

Whether you have recently lost your job or worry about the possibility in the future, use these networking tips to get you started and keep you on track.

Clients have said,

'Linda's the Energizer bunny, very thought provoking and right on."
- AT&T

"Thank you for an extraordinary presentation…the messages you relayed were priceless."
- Medical Group Management Association

"You handled a tough subject in a very open and positive, and productive manner…Thanks very much for helping us begin the rebuilding process."
- Amoco

"You've managed to change our way of thinking about ourselves and inspired us to move on and forward."
- Texas Dept. of Human Services

"You really made a connection…there were times when you could have heard a pin drop."
- Social Security Administration

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