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Job loss or the fear of it is top of mind for many in today's
uncertain economy. Those who have planned their career,
positioned themselves well, and kept their ears to the ground
usually bounce back the quickest from any change.

Complacency sets in easily when things are going well. And then
suddenly you can find yourself in chaos scrambling to regain a
foothold. So what do you do?

Be Prepared

"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail."
- Benjamin Franklin

First: Continuously update your skills and knowledge. Don't
wait for layoffs.

Second: Update your resume annually. If you don't have any
accomplishments to add you're not doing much. Get going.

Third: Add measurable value to your job. Not what you value,
but what your organization values. If you don't know what that
is, find out.

Fourth: Network - network - network. If the only time you
network is when you're looking for a job you have likely missed
many opportunities in life. This is the greatest weakness I
find in clients who come to me for help. Networking is a way
for people to help each other. A well maintained network is
both a personal and professional treasure. And even in today's
high tech environment, 75% of new jobs, especially the best
ones, are found through networking.

Fifth: Know what you have to offer an organization and be able
to articulate it clearly.

If the worst has already happened and you weren't prepared:

Get past your hurt, anger, and desire to get even. Your
feelings are real and should be acknowledged and processed but
not with possible employers. If you're feeling like a victim
your job search will take longer.

Then go back to the "be prepared" section and actively, on a
scheduled basis, begin doing the things you should have done.
And when you find that next position, don't forget to be
prepared. It will likely happen again.


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Linda Nash
Linda Nash is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker and author in the areas of change and resilience. To receive her free E-zine Bouncing Back go to  To contact Linda call
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