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You can't do it all by yourself. Don't delude yourself that it will be quicker if you just take care of it. Maybe for today it will, but what might you fail to accomplish that is more important? How many extra hours will you have to work? Delegate. Give direction and guidelines, then let go. Even if others do things differently, remember that there is usually more than one right way.

"We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't...". - Frank Clark

Delegating allows others to gain needed experience and confidence. We learn by doing. Who gave you that opportunity?

"One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning."
- James Russell Lowell

Some years ago when I went to pick up my three year old from Montessori school she was excited about something new she had learned. She could put on her heavy winter coat all by herself. She placed the coat, button side up, on the floor facing away from her. Leaning over, she put a hand into each sleeve and in one quick motion hoisted the coat up over her head, the sleeves slipped up her arms and there she stood, ready to go home, grinning with pride and new found confidence.

Too often we underestimate what people can accomplish. We make assumptions based on our own limitations. I knew only one way to put on a coat and my daughter couldn't do it without struggling. With this new method she put on her coat faster than I did mine.

If you're managing a group of people, effective delegation can build loyalty and increase the group's skill and knowledge. It's good management. Meanwhile, you'll be free to focus on your priorities.

If you have difficulty letting go, is it a control issue, do you lack faith in others, or do you lack faith in your own ability to manage?

Note: Delegation is not dumping. Be sure to provide adequate information, guidelines, and resources. Be available if guidance is needed. Conversely, don't micromanage. If it's "your way or the highway" and you have to check on every last detail, it isn't delegation.

What do you need to delegate? To whom? How will it help that person? How will it help you? Do it now.

"To know and yet not to do is in fact not to know." - Wang Yang Ming


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Linda Nash
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