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We want it - we expect it - and we become irritated with and often avoid any people or organizations that don't provide it.

Instead of handling complaints and problems customer service should be a means for avoiding them altogether.

Unless you're a hermit living an isolated life, you're in the customer service business. What is the quality of caring, consideration, and assistance that you provide to others?

"I can't help thousands. I can help only the one who stands before me." - Mother Teresa

As Mother Teresa pointed out, customer service is a one-at-a time thing. Give the best you can to the individual standing before you or working beside you and you'll both be more successful.

Customer service is not the proverbial "rocket science." It is simple courtesy, a willingness to listen, and a desire to help. Stop what you're doing and take a few minutes to inventory the quality of your service to:

1. Your customers/clients
2. Your team or the people with whom you work
3. Your significant other
4. Your children
5. Your friends and neighbors

Ask yourself these questions for each of the above and rate yourself from one to five, one being the lowest and five being the highest or best.

How well do you listen? How often do you smile and make a friendly comment? When was the last time you were helpful? How do you rate on the courtesy scale?

Those with the highest scores (4 and above in every category) will be the most successful in work and life.

If your score was above three with customers and clients only, you'd better work on personal relationships. Any score of three or below needs work. Do it.

Write down three things that you will do today to improve your "customer service."


"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us daily...." - Sally Koch


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Linda Nash
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