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Coaching is the single best tool for helping people achieve their greatest potential.

Over the last 18 years we have coached more than 2,000 individuals and groups from CEOs to middle managers, entrepreneurs, and people in transition. Linda knows how to bring out the best in people, help them identify issues and focus their energy to stay on target for stellar results. Her workbook, "The Art of Coaching" is used by organizations nationwide.

What effective coaching can do for you - your organization - your business

  • Identify personal and professional goals and paths to achieving them
  • Help create and maintain focus
  • Provide a confidential sounding board
  • Identify and eliminate self defeating behaviors or habits
  • Improve quality of life - work/life balance
  • Identify and plot a career path
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Point out options, alternatives, consequences
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve and/or develop a business
  • Enhance development of high potential employees
  • Provide motivation, encouragement, support, and benchmarks
  • Develop and monitor a plan for improvement

How could better coaching help you or your organization achieve measurable results immediately? Call or email to find out.  314-872-8787 or

Our Coaching Programs

To teach or enhance coaching skills…

"The Art of Coaching"
(Available for groups, one-on-on, and as a
four week tele-seminar)

Bosses who are great coaches increase trust, improve communication, and develop stronger and more resilient teams. This customized program with its unique manual is designed to guide executives and managers in developing the people who report to them. Participants will learn:

  • How to coach - when to coach - how to set parameters
  • The four aspects of coaching and how each impacts the individual, the coach, and the organization
  • How to read behavior styles and the basics of NLP
  • Questioning and listening techniques that elicit positive actions
  • Coaching through conflict for quick resolution
  • How to co-create strategies to get the best results

Participants will leave with a better understanding of the value of coaching and the ability to put new knowledge and skills into practice immediately.

Also available as a train the trainer program.
Call 314-872-8787 or 800-701-9782 for
further information.

Individual or Group Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are co- defined and customized to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that each individual derives the greatest possible benefit from the time spent.

"Linda Nash excels in her ability to be both supportive and structured. I accomplished twice as much in half the time by having Linda on my team!"

Deborah A. Naybor
President and Founder; Naybor Professional Land Surveyors, PC
Albany, NY

We offer a variety of coaching programs including:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching to Modify Specific Behaviors
  • Coaching for Managers
  • Business/Career Development Coaching
  • Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs
  • Work/Life Balance Coaching

Individual coaching is available in person or by phone and e-mail.

For detailed information call 314-872-8787 or e-mail

Coaching tele-seminars are available for organizational groups. Ask about Linda's tele-seminar coaching series for individuals seeking focus, balance and greater success in all areas.

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