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Hey Toto, We're Not In Kansas Anymore

When Dorothy uttered those words in the Wizard of Oz, she knew she was in a strange place but wasn't sure where it was. Do you ever feel that way? Changes, especially those of the sudden surprising variety can leave you feeling much like Dorothy; confused, scared, and wondering what to do.

There are few companies left in this country that haven't downsized, reorganized, merged or purged in the past five years. So how do you handle it?

Expect change and prepare for it.

If you knew that rain had been pouring down for days, the river was rising and your home was threatened, would you just sit, wait, and worry? You would probably be moving furniture to the second floor, sand bagging around your home, getting the help of friends, or doing something else productive.

It's the same with your career and business. What can you do to insure survival?

Don't get frozen in fear.

If you do, freezer burn will set in. embrace the change. Don't dig in your heels and “aufulize.” You can feel sorry for yourself, blame your company or an individual, and go for sympathy. No movement there! The better choice is to look for the possibilities and opportunities the change creates for you and your organization. They are there if you're looking for them.

Change is the only way we grow – as individuals or companies. Complacency is like quicksand. It may be smooth, but it sucks you in and may ultimately kill your career. Les Brown tells a story about a hound dog that just kept shining. When someone asked the owner what was wrong he said, “well, he's sitting on a tack.” The observer rather incredulous said, “Why doesn't he move?” The owner replied, “I guess it doesn't' hurt enough.”

People and companies are the same. Often we know we need to move and make changes but we wait until the pain is overwhelming (bottom line impact) or we lose our jobs. Be grateful for a sharp tack.

Network Network Network

Do it all the time everywhere you go. Stay active in your professional organizations and keep in touch with members from around the country to share ideas, information, and to provide support.

Networking can keep you in touch with the latest industry trends including impending changes within other organizations. Current information puts you in a better position to control your future.

Should you need a new job, remember this, 75% of jobs are found through networking. Who you know and what they know about you counts.

Stay positive

Your attitude will keep you afloat when the waters are in chaos. Keep looking for new possibilities, new ways of doing things, and new directions. People like to work with, hire, and buy from positive people. Your attitude truly can determine your altitude.

Take action now, don't wait.

You may need to take another course, update your resume, network more or find new and better ways to manage your business. Make a plan today and implement it. Don't get stuck in eternal preparation.

All stress is caused by perceived lack of control. To the extent you take control of your life and future you reduce your stress. Change is challenging but the choices are yours. What you choose to do about it makes the difference. Just look what happened to Dorothy. She gained a whole new perspective on life.

It is your life. Live it to the fullest.

Linda Nash
Linda Nash is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker and author in the areas of change and resilience. To receive her free E-zine Bouncing Back go to  To contact Linda call
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