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Hot Topics

  • Dealing with Job Loss - Finding the Next Job
  • Resilience
  • Survivors Guilt

Dealing with Job Loss - Finding the Next Job

Jobs are being lopped off like a wholesale divestiture. Companies are trying to cut costs and increase shareholder value and some just want to survive. The result is massive layoffs. The emotional toll is great as people scramble to get their feet back on solid ground.

Most frequently asked questions:

1. How do you find a job in difficult economic times?
2. How can people cope more effectively with the emotional issues?
3. What are the best steps to move forward quickly?
4. What happens to older job seekers?
5. How can you insure that this doesn't happen again?
6. What could make an individual layoff proof?

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Resilience is the new buzzword in the business world. The May 2002 edition of the acclaimed Harvard Business Review even included an article on it.

Linda Nash is one of the top researchers and consultants in the field. Her resilience assessment tools, the Bounce Back Quotients™ are in use by individuals and organizations nationwide.

Most frequently asked questions:

1. What makes an individual or organization resilient?
2. Why are some individuals or organizations more resilient than others?
3. How can I tell how resilient I am?
4. What tips can you offer to help increase resilience for individuals or organizations?

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Survivors Guilt

People left after downsizings and reorganizations or worse, left alive after a death or disaster like September 11th often deal with survivors guilt. They're happy to have a job or to be alive yet there is that nagging "why wasn't it me and why did it happen to them instead?" Survivors’ guilt causes illness, malaise, depression, lost productivity and sometimes, complete withdrawal.

Linda Nash has helped many individuals and organizations through the anxiety and grief of downsizings, reorganizations, mergers and closures. She can offer tips for adjusting, what organizations can expect and how to help, and more. For an interview on this topic e-mail or call

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