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What is Your Organizational
Bounce Back Quotient©

Mini Version

How strong and flexible is your organization? How well and how quickly will you respond to setbacks, challenges or changes? Do you create or seize new opportunities and act on them? Answer the questions below to test your Organizational Bounce Back Quotient®

Mark the number that best indicates the extent to which each statement is true from your perspective. Be honest with yourself.

1 2 3 4 5
Little some extent moderate extent considerable extent Very great extent
  1. Everyone in our organization knows and understands our mission. _____
  2. Expectations are clearly spelled out. _____
  3. All parts of the organization collaborate effectively. _____
  4. When we have a meeting we accomplish something of value. _____
  5. Everyone practices flexibility. _____
  6. Necessary training and support are provided during changes. _____
  7. We nurture and renew our motivation and passion for our work. _____
  8. Finding a better way is a focus for everyone at every level. _____
  9. We never feel like victims. _____
  10. People feel valued for the work they do. _____
  11. We discontinue forms, processes, or practices that aren't necessary. _____
  12. We look for or create new opportunities and act on them. _____

Total your score here _________

55-60 Your organization is strong and resilient.
45-55 Your organization is resilient but may have a few concerns.
35-45 Your organization will have some difficulty bouncing back from setbacks and changes. Review the low score numbers.
25-35 Your organization may get stuck for long periods negatively impacting morale, quality and productivity. Issues need to be addressed immediately.
12-25 Your organization's bounce is busted. You may not survive much less thrive. Make a plan to work on strategic and tactical issues now!

For the complete Organizational Bounce Back Quotient© assessment tool with its unique scoring mechanism and workbook click here. To test your personal Bounce Back Quotient® go to The Bounce Back Quotient™

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