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Increase Synergy, Increase Resilience

"You can't do it alone," and "two heads are better than one" are old axioms. They're true, based on the quality and appropriateness of the other "head."

Especially in the United States, we have maintained the backwoodsman against the land and invaders mindset updating it to one-man one car and winning whatever the cost. While not all bad, this mentality has stifled teamwork, created silos, and prohibited the collaboration that can create success in difficult or chaotic times.

Organizations are realizing that the fast pace of the 21st century will require more partnering and collaboration than ever to succeed. The three questions you should be asking are,

1. Who could we work with to become more effective, increase productivity, or become more successful?

  • Identify individuals or groups with similar goals.
  • Identify individuals or groups with complementary goals.

2. How can we work with them?

  • What can you provide for each other?
  • What mode of delivery will work best?

3. What walls, ideas, or processes do we need to jettison to achieve this?

This is the most difficult part. It's sometimes as painful as giving up that cuddly blanket you loved as a child. You loved it even when it was discolored, ragged and ready for the trash. We don't change much as adults. We cling to the out worn and worn out because we know them. We love them.

Although not easy questions, it is worth taking the time to explore. You may be surprised at your discoveries. Duplication of tasks is everywhere. Isolation of departments has exacerbated the situation. The isolation has been increased by "ours is better than yours" thinking and the way budgets are planned and controlled.

Working synergistically with other individuals, groups or departments increases the flow of knowledge, reduces redundancy, can allow for realistic budgeting, and result in success overall. This is true with vendors and customers as well.

It takes self confident, professional people to work together in a trusting and supportive relationship. Victims need not apply. If you move in this direction in your personal, professional and organizational life you will be more resilient, less stressed and more successful. The final question is, "will you do it?"

Linda Nash
Linda Nash is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker and author in the areas of change and resilience. To receive her free E-zine Bouncing Back go to  To contact Linda call
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