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Rave Reviews of Linda

Here's what a few of Linda's clients have said . . .


"Linda showed us how to use the diversity of our interests, skills and abilities to enhance the operation of our group. Through innovative exercises and creative facilitation, she led us from wide-ranging attitudes and agendas to a consensus that allowed the national board of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals to speak with one voice and function as a finely tuned machine."
Cheryl Thompson CMP
National Society of Government Meeting Professionals

"Terrific presentation! You make understanding and reading behavior easy to learn about and fun. It will really make a difference in sales."
Homebuilders Association

"...Besides your engaging and energizing style, you presented incredible content with practical approaches for real-life application. I especially appreciate your original thinking, which ensures your content is unique and refreshing."

".....You even went off the charts with some 5+ and 10 ratings!."..comments include...Energizing; Informative; Excellent; The best session of the seminar; What a dynamic speaker...Thank you for spending time with the participants during the networking lunch and after the sessions.. I also appreciate you signing your book for those who asked... You were great to work with...."
International Association of Administrative Professionals

"Great program. Many wished they had more time to learn about your R.O.P.E.S. strategies"
St. Louis Society of Association Executives

"Your message packaged with enthusiasm, humor and warmth was exactly the right touch for our 20th Anniversary Celebration. You drew the highest attendance we have ever had and I am still hearing kudos..."
Human Resources Assoc. of Central Connecticut

I knew the session was going to go well from the moment I contacted you. I was impressed with your preplanning. Some of the comments are as follows, excellent presenter! Great speaker, great ideas, keeps your interest, Very upbeat! Just what I needed to keep me focused! Fun!...We truly enjoyed your presentation."
Healthcare Financial Managers Association

"...thank you for an extraordinary presentation at our full day conference....the messages you were able to relay were priceless. Your ability to make people see the humor in life as well as in themselves is a true talent... (you were) the reason we had such a successful conference."
Medical Group Management Association

"Thank you again for your enthusiastic and timely presentation, ‘Do You Hear What I Mean?’...comments included, "fantastic program." "Great, engaging," "good use of humor," and "great...zowie!"....a big thank you!
American Society for Training and Development

"Thank you for a great ending to our conference. Outstanding!"
City Clerks and Municipal Finance Officers Association of Kansas

"....outstanding job....educating and motivating the participants....... fast-paced, thought-provoking presentation."
Missouri Association of Registered Land Surveyors

".....thank you for the fantastic presentation you gave, ‘Creating Your Own Life: Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.’ Your program was truly our Christmas Gift.......a rewarding experience. I wish you could help everyone you have helped me."
Financial Women International


"I wanted to take a few moments and say "thank you" for the wonderful work that you did this year at Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc. It was a tough time for all of us and the ‘survivors" are constantly referencing your sessions as an important step in helping them through the turmoil of major change. You are a truly accomplished presenter with a focus on helping others learn.... On behalf of Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc. and yours truly, thank you for a real contribution to our change efforts."
John T. Scott
VP, Organizational Development
Mallinckrodt Medical (a division of Tyco)

"Your presentation (Creating BUZZ) was a jewel of an evening, a Chateaubriand - you shared so much of value, learned well over deep experience, distilled to its essence, delivered faultlessly, with great stories and terrific humor. The group was entranced - the image that came to mind was how people in a group lean over to listen to a quiet speaker who truly 'knows their stuff.'"
The Borders Group

"....Very thought provoking and right on!! You offered new and different insights... really engaging and high energy. You were the best part of the meeting."
AT&T Call Servicing

"Your ability to communicate the positive attitude needed to survive and succeed in today’s working world was right on target. I especially enjoyed your humorous past experiences and anecdotes."
KORTE Construction Company

"Linda Nash has been an invaluable resource for our company. We have engaged her in several of our annual "Summer Retreat" events and she has proved to be an effective coordinator/facilitator/presenter. Linda went the extra mile to get to know our management team and customized her presentations according to our objectives. She was very helpful in helping us communicate, manage, and support change within our organization ......She is wonderful to work with and you can count on her 100%."
Kevin L. Short, President OPAA! Food Management, Inc.

"Thank you for a terrific presentation. You had your hands full, with people stressed out with the holidays and the auditorium giving you more obstacles than help. Your message was upbeat and sensible. Just what we needed."
St. Anthony’s Medical Center

"Thanks for helping kick off our company retreat. Your keynote and communication/team building exercise really made a difference. All the great interaction was evidence of your talent as a speaker and facilitator."
Missouri Enterprise –Business Assistance Center

"I know you’ve faced tough audiences before, but probably none as challenging as the P&GA team at Red Crown. Nevertheless, you handled a tough subject in a very open, positive and productive manner... Thanks very much for helping us begin the rebuilding process. I look forward to getting together with you either in Chicago or St. Louis to talk about some of the lingering concerns as well as the opportunities for improvement. It was a pleasure working with you."
James M. Griffith
VP, Public and Government Affairs, Amoco

"No one in our (design) studio had previous sales training. Ms. Nash’s approach to self analysis, then client analysis is not only interesting but a very common sense approach to selling. The staff is actually using what we learned. We look forward to higher sales and hearing more from Ms. Nash in the future."
June Roesslein Interiors

"On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Hotel.....thank you for the terrific seminar......Building Positive Relationships.....You truly excel in your profession and we are fortunate to have an individual of your caliber available to speak to our management group."
Madison Concourse Hotel

"Your enthusiasm, great sense of humor and wonderful stories really emphasized the important points you shared. You gave people a different perspective and motivated them to look at their marketing and sales in a new way."
St. Louis Small Business, Inc.

"It takes a pretty spectacular speaker to follow (CEO) Sue Cejka, and you certainly are one! We especially appreciated the fact that you spent time with us before the speech and caught on quickly to the jargon and intricacies of our rather specialized field. Your comments were right on target for us............."
Cejka and Associates

"Thank you, again for joining us at OPAA’s Summer Retreat. You more than exceeded my expectations! You have a great way of really making us think while adding humor along the way. I love your stories and how you related them to our company."
Sheila Middleton, Director of Operations
OPAA! Food Management


"Your presentation on Tools and Techniques for Success and afternoon session on Lateral Thinking were fantastic! Your work blended marvelously with our planning on Friday... I was pleased with your ability to mix humor into a learning session, where staff felt comfortable participating....thank you for bringing out the best in those attending....."
Division of Management Services
University of Missouri

"Your warm and personable style melted away the terrible winter weather outside as you provided practical tools, inspiration, and the right amount of humor to strengthen and soothe our insides. According to the comment cards, attendees especially enjoyed the practical ideas you shared to help women recover their strength, spirit, and joy."
The Women’s Symposium – Nevada, MO

" exceeded our expectations! We were impressed with your organization and the attention you paid to preparing and tailoring your presentation to our audience. ... In all respects you were great to work with! Comments... "presentation was informative, insightful and humorous"..."One of the most honest and motivating talks I’ve heard in a long time."
University of Wisconsin

"Participants loved you – what you had to say and the warm, caring way you said it. ....Participants received a million dollars worth of value."
Today’s Woman Professional Development Conference – Jefferson College

"I want to express our appreciation for the dynamic, enthusiastic and informative presentations you have made at our Professional Development for Women conferences....You have consistently done an outstanding job."
Clemson University

"Thank you for your presentation on "Making Change Work for You and Your Family." You did a tremendous job....Your clear, practical ideas combined with a wonderful sense of humor made for a terrific seminar."
Honoring the Family Concept Symposium St. Louis University High School

"Thank you for an excellent presentation. ...So informative. Staff stated that you instilled in them a real sense of self-determination."
Special School District

"Thank you for an outstanding presentation in our public seminar, "How to Compete with the Giants and Win." Really excellent, fun, and great interaction."
Belleville Area College


"Your use of personal stories, humor, and ability to communicate ideas to others made this program a BIG SUCCESS. ....You were able to address all of the issues we discussed when planning this special evening."
St. Johns Bank & Trust Company

"Thank you for helping our employees deal with the changes during a difficult time. You really made a difference."
Magna Banks

"Your team building program helped our geographically separated group build rapport, solve some important issues, and understand how to work together better. And they had fun in the process."


" provided the employees with substantive ideas and tools about bouncing back and remaining resilient during hard times. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our department’s culture and challenges – it was apparent to all involved that your message was specifically designed to educate and inspire the DAS employees. was very beneficial to dedicate the afternoon to equip them (senior management team) with change management ideas and....organizational leadership and communication for tumultuous times. Your guidance was on point....."
Ohio Department of Administrative Services

"Thank you for the dynamic keynote and terrific leadership program..... Comments have ranged from "wow" to hilarious, fantastic, inspirational and "I could have listened to her all day."....You provided just what we needed."
National Association of Postmasters of the United States

"Your presentation to our managers really made a connection. I’ve never seen our group listen so intently. You were the favorite part of our meeting. Comments included informative, entertaining, great interaction, real food for thought, uplifting and insightful. Thanks for making it happen!"
Social Security Administration

"..Powerful message. I was impressed that you maintained and sustained interest and participation by the group throughout the afternoon. Your message of "authentic power" struck a resounding chord with our legal staff. You are compelling, energetic, and very entertaining. Our only disappointment is that we did not schedule you for a longer presentation. You were the highlight of the day."
Office of Legal Services – Illinois Dept. of Children & Family Services

"Thank you so much for delivering the closing speech at our annual Governor’s Conference on Workforce Development. You reflected our theme in your presentation, because you truly did "Achieve Results...and Exceed Expectations"!! .... As you can see (from enclosed comments), you were quite a hit!
Missouri Training Institute
Governor’s Conference on Workforce Development

"In addition to your outstanding keynote performance, your breakout session...Building Positive Relationships .Effective Communication with the Delightful, the Doubting and the Downright Difficult, proved to be one of the best of the conference. ...Comments included, ‘best thing about the conference was Linda Nash’s presentations, creating enthusiasm for taking control of your life was certainly a great way to begin the conference."
Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (IACCE)

"Linda your closing keynote left a tired and somewhat overburdened group with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. They had great fun, laughed a lot, and I know, felt great about the work they do. I know, because I felt that way, too. Thank you, again for a wonderful program."
Child Abuse and Neglect Conference

"... Your keynote address and workshop were ranked by our participants as the best parts of the conference!...Not only were your presentations excellent, but the entire experience of working with you was terrific! You are a true professional and a delight to work with."
US Postal Service National Women’s Conference

"Your session was rated as outstanding! A few comments include, a breath of fresh air, new ideas to incorporate in our work, very positive and fun."
Missouri Child Support Enforcement Association

"Your presentation on Communication Power was just what we needed ..... we especially appreciated the specific references you made to the Library District and to our staff; we thought you worked here!"
St. Charles City-County Library District

"We all enjoyed hearing your exciting stories and great examples. You kept us motivated and interested throughout the entire session.....You’ve managed to change our way of thinking about ourselves and inspired us to move on and forward."
Texas Department of Human Services

"On behalf of the Missouri Division of Family Services Team Self-Sufficiency, I want to thank you for four excellent workshops. Your sessions were not only informative, motivating and thought-provoking, but also as much fun. You have a talent for getting the group to laugh, listen and engage in the sessions. Your very positive and dynamic approach helped to make our first statewide Team Self-Sufficiency Conference a huge success."
Max A. Foresman, Assistant to the Director
MO. Division of Family Services

"...very impressive. Your ability to captivate and motivate the audience blended well with the other events of the evening....... your sincere interest in wanting to enrich and inspire peoples’ lives was very evident to me."
Private Industry Council

"Labor market area four represents 13 counties and the One Stops in this area not only represent geographic diversity but a great diversity of agencies and professional expertise. It was not easy devising a workshop to help such a diverse group learn to come together and work as a team, but you hit the nail on the head with a good mix of hands-on activities, anecdotes, and factual data. You were able to combine humor and sound reasoning into an interesting and relevant seminar which helped us address the transition issues of our One Stop system."
Gay Groves
(on behalf of Workforce Development Initiatives)

"Linda was just the inspiration we needed. Her well paced presentation, coupled with useful suggestions, helped our group see the light at the end of the tunnel. ......all in attendance remarked that Linda’s seminar helped them see ways to reduce stress and cope better on the job."
David Stoecklin, Madison County Employment and Training Dept.

"You did it! You made me a hero for hiring you. Your upbeat keynote address and informative workshop on effective communications were the highlight of my ......Postmaster meeting."
Post Office Operations Manager
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"...thank you for a delightful presentation at our Planning Forum... really informative and productive."
New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

"Your presentation was well received – evaluation comments included motivating, humorous, energetic, and especially, useful information that they (participants) could apply in their daily work and personal life."
Thora Cahill, Illinois Child Care Bureau

"I had specific goals that I wanted to achieve for both training sessions and I believe that we accomplished them. .....You provided the employees with substantive ideas and tools. I also appreciate your mentoring approach when training the senior management team. ....Again, your guidance was on-point and quickly absorbed by the team. We will continue to build on the foundation that you provided. Thank you for making our meeting successful."
Scott Johnson, Director
Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services


"We never knew communication could be so much fun. You provided lots of useful information sprinkled with just the right amount of fun stories and examples. Thanks for taking the time afterwards to answer individual questions."
American Family Insurance

"...the conference was great, and in no small measure due to the great keynote speech you delivered. ....It was timely, on target, and loaded with great ideas for maximizing capabilities. You are really an inspiration."
National Association of Insurance Women

"When St. Paul Companies announced that the Lincoln Regional Office was closing it was a trying time. Then you arrived like a breath of fresh sunshine. Your counseling, training, and motivation helped us accept the situation, gain back our self-confidence, and move forward."
Regional Operations Manager, Economy Insurance

"You really got attention with your line about "mold." Not only was it funny and impactful but our participants knew that you understood what is happening in the industry. Both the workshop and keynote were fun, enlightening, and motivating."
Atlanta CPCU Conference

"Our people were hurt and angry over the closing and you came in and made them laugh, gave them tools to move forward and the belief that they could make it. The exercise with the cards was terrific! What an eye-opener. It has truly been a pleasure working with you over the past two years."
The St. Paul


"Your approach to managing stress wasn’t the same old worn information most people share. We gained new insight and realistic techniques. Thanks for a fun and enlightening program.."
Hostelling International

"Linda gave us a greater understanding of our co-worker's styles, which improved our communication and team work.  She used her sense of humor and wisdom to help find commonalities across ages, race, culture and levels."
Father Dunne's Newsboys' Home

"Linda, you were upbeat and entertaining, but more important, your message was one of substance, the kind of substance which makes you think long after the presentation is over."
Nurses for Newborns Foundation

"Linda, your motivating words of encouragement were quite refreshing and extremely important for our families. You really touched them."
Kidney Foundation

"Your program, Building Relationships, Understanding Behavior Styles, was fun and interesting, but most of all, it has impacted our staff relations and helped us understand our clients better." Thank you for making a difference for us."
St. Patrick Center

"Not only did you step in with only three days notice to substitute for our speaker who became ill, but you came prepared with great material to meet our needs........delightful and clear...........very inspirational .......I can give you the highest praise!
Center for Spiritual Living

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